Friday, September 18, 2009

EMF Index

Work on the Eclipse project EMF Index has started. As the project lead, I am proud to present our new website

It's a bit plain - because I made it myself and I am not much of a designer - but still looks quite slick, as it is based on the Nova CSS. Heiko's webpages on Xtext have been a useful template.

Dennis and Sven have worked hard to finally get the automatic build running. You can download the latest snapshots
The current implementation is based on EMF. SAP is working in parallel on another implementation using tables and a paging mechanism.


Unknown said...


What is happening to the EMFIndex project ? I see that its still in incubation ? Is there any example on EMFIndex for some try outs ?

John D

Unknown said...

It's dead. Both main consumer projects switched to their own specific implementation.

wzett said...

Hi Jan,
which are the main consumer projects?
We are extensively using XCore/XText in our current development and are searching for a good way to index data within our models (we are planning to provide a query mechanism on model data both for system components and for the user).
We have the suspicion that our current indexing implementation is not very efficient.

Wolfgang Zeller, logi.cals Austria

Unknown said...

As I mentioned, EMF Index is dead.

Xtext has its own index implementation that is used for resolving cross-references and determining build dependencies. It has a lot of information already available and can be tweaked to store more, even generic user data. I'd try to leverage that. Have a look at the docs for more details.