Monday, June 1, 2015

FXDiagram goes IDEA

You may have heard already that the Xtext team is currently porting Xtext and Xtend to IntelliJ IDEA. To get acquainted with the new APIs I decided to spend a few hours of my spare time to port FXDiagram as well. Here is a screencast of the first shot with a class diagram for Java code:

As the core of FXDiagram is independent of Eclipse, this was easier than expected. IDEA is a Swing (!) application, and the JFXPanel allows to embed JavaFX controls within Swing. The hardest part was actually to use Java as Xtend is not yet available on IDEA ;-)  FXDiagram's configurable model access made it easy to integrate with IDEA's PSI model and its transactions.

I must admit that the overall experience is a bit snappier in IDEA than in Eclipse. I assume this is because the Oracle team has spent more effort on the JFXPanel than on the FXCanvas. Unfortunately, multi-touch gestures don't work yet, but I had to port them to the the FXCanvas myself as well.