Wednesday, January 28, 2009

OOP 2009

I am at the OOP 2009 conference in Munich. Lots of technical talks on software engineering, but soft skills are also a big topic. Even though our both is not really 80 square meters as promised, we are having lot of fun.
Yesterday, Sven and I had a talk on the introduction of three DSLs in a customer project: A textual DSL based on Xtext describing the domain model, a graphical DSL based on GMF for defining form layouts and an internal Java DSL for validation. I think we managed to entertaining the audience, as we made fancy slides in the "Presentation Zen" style. Measured by the amount of questions the talk was a success.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Proposal for new Eclipse Project: EMF Index

In the Modeling Symposium at Eclipse Summit Europe 2008 we discussed the necessity of an index for EMF models. Such an index would allow efficient queries for EMF model elements without actually loading the model resources, which is an enabling feature for powerful EMF modeling tools.

The proposal is now online. Please use the EMFT newsgroup for discussion. I am looking forward to your feedback.