Friday, November 1, 2013

Where no diagram editor has ever gone before...

I should have been more suspicious about the Ferengi salesman I bought my LCARS system from. Ferengi have always been skeptical towards JavaFX. I should have known that this device had been tampered with in order to bring my system down in the middle of my demo at EclipseCon Europe. Ferengi petaq!

Nevertheless, I could organize a new working LCARS terminal now and here is my demo. It demonstrates JavaFX's flexibility to create a diagram editor that does neither look like nor behave like a dull lines and boxes editor.

I extracted the data from the StarTrek fansite Memory Alpha and stored it in a local mongoDB. The font is from GTJLCARS. SVG export extends some code from the JFXtras project initially written by Gerrit Grunwald. Thanks to all of you, guys.

EclipseCon Europe was once again big fun: I attended a number of cool presentations, met a lot of old friends and got acquainted with a bunch of new people. Thanks for the organizers to provide such a fine event. But without any further delay, here's the demo: