Monday, August 24, 2009

Xtext in Essen aftermath

Thursday was the hottest day this summer in Germany. But despite 30° C and thunderstorms a bunch of Java enthusiasts made it to the meeting of the ruhrjug, the Java user group in Essen (Germany).

Having a talk on Domain-specific Languages with Xtext was once again a refreshing experience, as the audience appeared very interested and posed a lot of intriguing questions. The whole thing has been recorded on video (sorry, it's in German), so you'll be able to see me sweating as soon as I have the link.

Thanks to Heiko Sippel and Peter Rossbach who organized the meeting and Prof. Dr. Michael Goedicke our host from the University of Essen/Duisburg at that night.

By the way, if you're hilarious about Xtext, don't forget to join our Model Prize Laureate competition and win a Google Phone, a ticket to the Eclipse Summit Europe or other fancy and geeky prizes!

PS: The video is now online. Watch me sweating at

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