Wednesday, March 28, 2012

EclipseCon 2012 - I have had my share

I am at EclipseCon 2012, this year at Reston (VA). I have just finished my parts and can now relax and take it easy for the remainder of the conference.

Yesterday I gave a a tutorial on "DSLs for Xtext Developers" together with Sebastian. Around 50 participants learnded how to wirte their own DSLs that run on the JVM and integrate tightly with Java. Looking at the feedback so far, this was a real success, even thought it was a whole lot of stuff. Have a look at the slides:

Today I talked about "A Fresh Look at graphical Editing". In comparison to the talk at EclipseCon Europe, I changed the focus a bit and spent more time to make clear, why most graphical model editors really suck. This time I seem to have made my point, at least noone has asked me so far to convert the Generic Graph View framework into a model editor. The new features, like multitouch gestures and discovery diagrams went fine, too. Here are the slides