Monday, October 31, 2011

Join My Pie Fight Session at EclipseCon Europe 2011

EclipseCon Europe 2011Competition is hard at EclipseCon: Everybody has to make sure to get the most participants into his talk. As Sven already announced a quiz for the same timeslot as mine I've had to figure out something even more exciting.

So here's my idea for my session:

I'll begin the session ranting on every Eclipse project that's somehow related to graphics. I'll shamelessly reveal all of their weaknesses. Everybody involved in one of these projects will be so offended that they start to get personal, first against me then against each other. When emotions boil up, I expect people to self-organize in teams, like The Knights of GMF Runtime or The Zest'o'Maniacs. My session is at 5pm so I expect a good supply of cake as in the years before. I am starting the fight by throwing the first cake, e.g. on the GMF Tooling Ultras. They try to answer but unluckily hit a member of the Spray Front, who's already in the midst of a quarrel with a Graphiti Warrior. Thinking it was a GEF Cyclope who threw the cake... A real pie fight breaks loose.

Hehehe (demonic laughter)

Well... thinking again... the cake at EclipseCon is usually quite yummy. It would be a pity to waste it in such a way. Maybe I should come up with something more peaceful.

OK, I see, I have to make that differently: I am going to point to some general issues with graphical editing. I'll weigh the cost against the usefullness and show, why an interpreted graphical view is so much simpler to implement and to use than a graphical editor. Second part will be a live demo of a prototype for such a framework.

Maybe I should bring a helmet, just in case someone did not notice my change of plan.

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Mariot Chauvin said...

Count on me ! I do not know which group I will join, but I will be there to share few opinions :)