Thursday, October 28, 2010

Learn how to create a language for Android development using Eclipse Modeling

If you are lucky, you have already registered for
Eclipse Summit Europe 2010 in Ludwigsburg, Germany. If not, I have sad news for you: It is sold out. Sorry.

I'm speaking at Eclipse Summit Europe 2010

If you're there, I hope you registered for our tutorial Creating a Language for Android Apps with Eclipse Modeling. A joint team from Obeo (Mikael Barbero and Stephane Begaudeau)
and itemis (Holger Schill, Dennis Hübner, and me) will introduce you to the basics of the Android SDK and show how EMF, Xtext, and Acceleo can be leveraged to simplify the development of Android Apps.
Bring your laptops, it's going to be a hands-on experience.

If you like this approach, learn how it works on larger scale in the talk Models To Go: How We Built a DSL for Mobile Apps With Tools From the Eclipse Modeling Project
by Peter Friese and Heiko Behrens who implemented the official ESE App for the iPhone.

Curious about what we have in mind for the future of Xtext? Then you must see Live Coding: Building a UI styling language for E4 with Xtext. Sven Efftinge and Sebastian Zarnekow will demonstrate Xbase, an Xtext based expression language bringing behaviour to your DSLs.
Sven will also talk about Dependency Injection which is the key to extensibility and an easy programming model, not only in Xtext.

Itemis will give two more presentations: Andreas Unger and Axel Terfloth from our embedded team will teach you on Developing Embedded Software with Eclipse, State Machines and Block Diagrams.
Nirmal Sasidharan will present Eclipse - an IDE for Organisational Change. I am sure you'll like these, too!

I am particularly looking forward to the keynotes, especially the one by Jeff Norris from NASA who already rocked this year's EclipseCon.

See you in Ludwigsburg!


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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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