Thursday, March 25, 2010

EclipseCon 2010 - Xtext everywhere

It's the last day of this year's EclipseCon. My second time in Santa Clara and I even liked it better than last year: Many intriguing talks around Eclipse, OSGi, e4 and others, interesting people, much time for getting to know each other.

The itemis team has had a fair share on the program: With Moritz and Heiko, I gave a workshop in which we showed how to build an Xtext editor for the e4 workbench model. I also had a lightning talk on my favorite topic "Combining text and graphics in modeling editors". As always, you can download the slides to all talks from slideshare. We also had talks on Xtext, MWE2, Xpand and model-driven iPhone application development.

Xtext has been ubiquitous. We have seen a lot of cool Xtext editors in many talks. Quite a bunch of people came to our booth just to say thank you for the cool piece of software we've been working on for the past years. The absolute highlight was when Xtext received the Eclipse Community Award for the most innovative Eclipse project. It is so inspiring to get such a huge amount of positive feedback.

NASA also sponsored a competition of building a e4 client to control a small robot simulating the Mars Rover. Peter and Heiko have decided not to sleep but to rather build an iPhone client instead. Even though it was not based on e4, people were really impressed. Watch Jeff Norris from NASA driving the rover with an iPhone! By the way, Jeff gave the best keynote I have ever seen on "Rocket Science and the Republic".

Tonight will be the European Reception sponsored by itemis and the conference will end. We'll have another day in San Francisco before returning home to Germany. I hope I will make it next year again. Thanks to the organizational team for giving such a wonderful conference.

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