Monday, October 5, 2009

MacOSX window trouble

Clever people know that cleaning your keyboard while your computer is switched on might be a bad idea. I did anyway, and as a result my Eclipse window looked like this:

For the non MacOSX experts: You won't be able to click on the right restore button, and there is no such menu entry anywhere. Luckily, Eclipse can be restored using Window->New Window (thanks for the hint, Sebastian). Restarting the application or the computer would not work.

But how's that supposed to work in MacOSX anyway? I found a couple of Applescript solutions, but nothing really user-friendly in the internet. I couldn't even figure out how I got into this situation. Any ideas?

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Tiran Kenja said...

I am pretty sure that is an application bug that is can happen. It is up to the application that handles the window to make sure it never gets that narrow to begin with.

In an application build with Interface Builder you would simply set the minimum size on the window. But I'd presume there is similar properties when creating windows in code.

Alternatively the developer can determine the validity of the new size when a window is being re-sized - if memory serves.