Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CodeGeneration 2009

I am back at Cambridge (UK) for this year's Code Generation conference.

The itemis-Kiel team already arrived yesterday, and after a nice walk through the town and some fish and chips, I finished a showcase with a GMF editor on an Xtext model. So be prepared for another converging editors screencast soon :-)

The conference started this morning. Up to now, I have heard two talks: First, Kathleen Dollard from AppVenture talked about Template Specialization. Kathleen referred to the .NET code generation languages and their specific problems, e.g. with respect to modularity and extensibility. To me it looked like we've got more comfortable solutions in the Eclipse/Java world. Then, Sven and Sebastian talked about Challenges in DSL Design. They elaborated that todays external DSLs usually stop at modeling behavior because of the lack of an embeddable expression language. Looks like that's going to be one of the goals in the next version of Xtext. Right now I am guarding the itemis booth for a while, just to join the case study by Karsten and Heiko on their MDSD projects at Deutsche Börse AG.

Despite all prejudice against British food, catering is excellent. Thanks to the perfect organisation by Mark Dalgarno and Andy Moorley, we're going on a traditional punting trip along the river Cam tonight. Should I have brought my wetsuit?


Unknown said...

Thanks for the nice comments about the conference. I hope you will not need your wetsuit later, the weather is very good for Cambridge at this time of year...

Here is a photo of you blogging and guarding the booth for your readers :-)

Jan blogs

Stéphane said...

Hi Jan,

I'm very much looking forward to the upcoming screencast... :-)


Henry M. Kohnlein said...

Mr. Kohnlein,

I follow your blog as it appears on my google alert for our shared name. As a person who previously went punting on the river Cam, I say wetsuit yes and of course, money for a pint or two. Have fun!

Henry M. Kohnlein, USA