Friday, April 17, 2009

Talks at JAX Conference in Germany

Sven and me, we're going to give some talks on Eclipse Modeling, DSLs and Xtext at the JAX conference in Mainz (Germany) next week:

Eclipse Modeling - Overview
Sven Efftinge, Jan Köhnlein
Tue 21/04/2009, 10:00-11:15h

Code generation in agile Projects
Sven Efftinge, Jan Köhnlein
Tue 21/04/2009, 16:45-17:45h

Sven Efftinge
Wed 22/04/2009, 10:15-11:15h

EMF: Beyond the Basics
Jan Köhnlein
Wed 22/04/2009, 16:15-17:15h

Hope to see you there!


betto said...

Do you plan to make the presentations available?
That'd be really great :-)

Unknown said...

All slides have been uploaded to slideshare:

betto said...

I tried to download them, and they come with a .key extension... I fear to ask... are they keynote presentations?

Unknown said...

Yes, they re. But if you don't have a Mac you should at least be able to view them online.

betto said...

Yes, but I'd need to view them offline :-)