Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Xtext, Generic Editor and EMF Index at EclipseCon

Just finished our talks at EclipseCon.

First, Sven and me talked about the new TMF/Xtext. The room was so crowded that some listeners even had to sit on the floor. Presenting was really fun and given the feedback people are really excited for Xtext. So we are, even though Sven has a bad throat and almost lost his voice ;-)

Given the good resonance, we're trying to organize a BoF session on Xtext tomorrow. Stay tuned for exact time and location.

Sven had a 10 minutes talk on the Generic EMF Editor then, and showed the Editor, Xtend and Xpand. I think, it's a good idea to point people at the fancy features of the oAW languages, such as polymorphic dispatch and higher-order functions.

Finally, I gave a 10 minutes talk on EMF Index. I have the impression people were quite curious about that topic as we already mentioned that in our Xtext talk. I tried to prepare the slides in the presentation zen style, and I can just conclude that presenting is so much more fun than having a clutter of bullet pointed list. I hope, it's the same for the viewers. And I exactly hit the 10 mins :-)

EclipseCon is really great. You really meet lots of people in person you have only known from blogs or mailing lists. Having had my share, I can now relax and join the other talks on so many other interesting topics.


Ed Merks said...

Xtext is the coolest new thing. Too bad I missed all the talks.

the fiddlin' fool said...

Jan, thanks for a great talk. I briefly talked with Sven at the reception about using XText to create a DSL for knitting patterns that I'm doing as part of the KnitML Project. He seemed to think it would be a natural fit. I've sort of rolled my own light lexer/parser for the Knitting Expression Language as a first-cut DSL. It does light text polishing to get it into valid Groovy, which is then run through XmlBuilder. It works, but it's limited. I want more flexibility to define my DSL syntax.

By the way, he told me that a full Eclipse 3.5M6a download was available from the Itemis website, yet I can't seem to find it. Would you be so kind as to point it out to me?

The0retico said...

I think the mentioned distribution can be found here:

Moritz Eysholdt said...


the download site has been updated to link to the Eclispe Distribution containign Xtext 0.7M6a.


have fun!