Wednesday, January 28, 2009

OOP 2009

I am at the OOP 2009 conference in Munich. Lots of technical talks on software engineering, but soft skills are also a big topic. Even though our both is not really 80 square meters as promised, we are having lot of fun.
Yesterday, Sven and I had a talk on the introduction of three DSLs in a customer project: A textual DSL based on Xtext describing the domain model, a graphical DSL based on GMF for defining form layouts and an internal Java DSL for validation. I think we managed to entertaining the audience, as we made fancy slides in the "Presentation Zen" style. Measured by the amount of questions the talk was a success.


Unknown said...

I hope you managed to get up the next morning, after all these drinks (what was their name?) you talked me into ;-)

Unknown said...

Why do people always make me responsible for them drinking to much ;-)