Monday, October 20, 2008

Started GMFTools project

I've worked with GMF for several years now, and I've built quite a bunch of graphical editors using it.

On my way, I've come along several issues, problems and annoyances of the GMF framework. Some of these may be a matter of personal taste, others are just reoccurring topics and tasks, which unfortunately have never been really focused within the GMF project. As these are sometimes hard to separate, I've decided to collect my ideas, extract reusable solutions and share them by making them open-source. This way, I hope to share knowledge with other GMF users, get feedback (maybe even by the committers), provide examples for beginners, and of course make my own life easier.

Have a look at it at, and, if you like it, feel free to use it. But please don't expect me to provide extensive support. Main topics covered are
  • Sharing an editing domain among several editors
  • Make GMF's development process easier, e.g. by bypassing unreliable reconcilers and provide a very simple UI to the code generator.
  • Additional layouts, e.g. make labels fit into ellipses.
  • How to implement non- or semi-canonical diagrams.
Of course your comments are very welcome.

Maybe there are even more people around willing to share GMF solutions...

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Ugo Sangiorgi said...

Hi Jan, your initiative is really nice, perheaps we could join forces to solve some issues we're both facing. Take a look at this post .
Hey, same template =D
ps. its your blog interface in german? its hard for me to understand.